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These are the days of the round backside. Long gone are the anorexic models of the 80s and 90s and their straight, emaciated figures. Today shape is in and that’s a good thing, allowing women to show off their curves.

Unfortunately, some of us are born with great bottoms, others not so much. If our mother had a flat, shapeless bottom, usually we will too. Or if you’ve lost a good deal of weight, your butt can be flat and have hanging skin.

To add more gusto to your backside, you can either opt for a butt augmentation or a surgical butt lift. These options shouldn’t be confused. Although the end goal may be similar — a rounder, shapelier bottom — their methods are very different.

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Butt Lift Procedures

In a Brazilian butt lift/fat transfer, patients have the added benefit of having liposuction done on an area with pockets of unwanted fat. This is necessary to harvest the required fat for the transfer. During your butt lift consultation with Dr. Ferraro, you’ll decide on the area(s) where you want the liposuction. The most popular areas are the lower back and waist, love handles, thighs, and lower stomach. Removing fat in these areas not only provides the fat for transfer, but it also contours the area for a more dramatic contrast to your soon-to-be-rounder backside. We usually take up to three times more fat than is required for the transfer.

butt augmentation through Fat transfer

Through tiny incisions, Dr. Ferraro suctions out the fat, which is then purified through a centrifuge to separate out the fat cells. Care is taken to not overwork these cells to improve their chances of survival when transferred. This harvested fat is then injected back into the buttocks in dozens of tiny injections at varying depths to make a natural-looking contour. Special attention is usually paid to adding more shape to the upper buttocks for a natural lift. Initially, more fat is injected than is necessary because some of the cells will not “take” and will be absorbed by the body. Generally, 60 to 80% of the transferred fat takes and adds to your new, rounder backside.

butt augmentation through silicone implants

The other butt augmentation option is silicone implants. Dr. Ferraro usually doesn’t recommend this method because a Brazilian butt lift presents a more natural-looking result and there is virtually no risk of infection (from the surgery). Plus, since the patient’s own fat is used, there isn’t the risk of an allergic reaction or rejection. Implants are usually only used if the patient is very thin and has little body fat to harvest.

Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary

Butt Lift Recovery

Your recovery depends on which method is used, but in a Brazilian butt lift you’ll need to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks or lying on your back for two to three weeks. This keeps the area from being disturbed, allowing the fat cells to “take.” You’ll wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling. There will be some swelling, but it will gradually dissipate over a few weeks. Most patients can return to work within two weeks after a fat transfer butt augmentation.

With implants, there are even more stringent requirements to not sit, as the implants can move. If the implants do shift over time, revision surgery will be needed.

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Butt Lift FAQs

am i a candidate for butt augmentation surgery

A butt lift is the best choice if you have large amounts of loose, hanging skin on your buttocks and, probably, on the back of the upper thighs. This would be the case after extensive weight loss. The skin won’t respond to exercise, as it is past its ability to rebound to its former degree of tautness.

What’s involved in a butt lift?

Butt lift surgery, clinically called a gluteoplasty, lifts and tightens the skin of the buttocks. Dr. Ferraro removes excess skin and repositions the surrounding tissue, usually to a higher position. A butt lift often improves the appearance of cellulite because repositioning of the tissue stops some of the compartmentalization in the dermis layer of the skin that causes cellulite to form.

Who should opt for butt augmentation?

If you don’t have hanging skin, but still aren’t pleased with the flatness of your bottom, you are a good candidate for a butt lift. Dr. Ferraro can augment patient bottoms in two ways — through fat injections or implants. He prefers autologous fat transfer, often called a Brazilian butt lift, because it delivers a more natural-looking end result and has little risk of side effects.

What are the risks of butt augmentation surgery?

The fat transfer to the buttocks has emerged as one the most desirable procedures over the last two to three years. With this has come increased risk. Many unqualified physicians who are not board certified plastic surgeons are injecting the fat into the muscle layer and not staying superficial and under the skin. This has created undue risk to the patient. The fat has to be placed in the correct area for the optimal result.


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