The chest area is integral to body proportions and appearance. This is true for women and for men. At Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey, Dr. Frank J. Ferraro provides a wide variety of breast procedures. Each is performed with an acute awareness of physical proportions, as well as the patient's lifestyle and desired outcome. From your consultation to your post-operative recovery period, you can count on our staff to provide you with clear information that can improve your overall surgical experience.

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Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure. It is currently performed around the world more than 1.5 million times a year, making it one of the most-performed plastic surgery procedures. The objective of breast augmentation is to enlarge the breasts using saline or silicone implants.  More specifically, breast augmentation is a personalized cosmetic procedure that achieves natural-looking results that bring the patient's body into the most harmonious balance. This is achieved through thoughtful discussion and the careful selection of breast implant type, size, and profile.  Dr. Ferraro is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been performing breast augmentation for over 20 years. Patients of our Paramus, NJ office can learn the finite details of this procedure and receive answers to all of their questions during their consultation visit.

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"Dr. Ferraro was patient, meticulous and professional. The whole experience with him was so great and everything went smoothly. He really listened to what I was looking for and took the time to answered all my questions, and he delivered it! So happy with my result and it jut feels like me. Natural looking and fit my frame perfectly."

- Anonymous

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Numerous factors affect the shape and volume of the breasts. Gravity pulls all of the skin downward. The weight of the breasts tugs on the chest skin. Breast enlargement during pregnancy and when breastfeeding also influences the shape of the breasts over time. These factors cannot be avoided, but the consequences they cause can be corrected. Breast lift surgery is a procedure that repositions the breast mound to sit higher on the chest wall. This breast surgery can restore the appearance of size and it restores a perkier shape in which the nipples point forward rather than downward. If the bottom pole of your breasts sags over the inframammary crease below your breasts, you may be a great candidate for this precision surgical technique.

Women whose breasts are extraordinarily large suffer from several discomforts. Large breasts are heavy and can put a strain on the neck and shoulders. The weight of the breasts in a bra can pull against bra straps to the point of creating indentations. If you have large breasts, you are well aware of the frustrating problems that occur. Breast reduction is chosen by many women who want to feel more comfortable, as well as by those who want to gain freedom from unwanted glances and restricted clothing options. The procedure is performed with attention to detail for shape and height that are in line with the patient's body frame. Removing just the right amount of fat, glandular tissue, and skin, Dr. Ferraro can create ideal proportions, physical comfort, and a renewed sense of confidence.

Enlarged male breasts present physical and emotional frustration. The man with excess breast tissue may appear overweight or out of shape. As a result of this condition, many men work harder to lose weight or tone the chest muscles. Gynecomastia, the term for enlarged male breasts, has very little to do with a man's overall weight. It may have to do with hormone dysregulation, medication use, alcohol consumption, or other factors. The cause of gynecomastia may differ from one patient to another. Fortunately, the way we treat the condition is simple, straightforward, and efficient.  If you are a relatively healthy weight but have puffy nipples or excess breast fat, you may benefit from gynecomastia surgery. This outpatient procedure removes excess fat and the glandular tissue that may be causing enlargement. It can also trim the skin as needed to create the masculine contours you deserve.

Women going through or who have gone through breast cancer treatment have the option of breast reconstruction to address the cosmetic effects of mastectomy and other therapies. Breast reconstruction is an important topic of discussion between the patient, her oncologist, and her plastic surgeon because, in some cases, the reconstruction phase of care may coincide with clinical therapies. The objective of this breast surgery is to recreate a natural-looking breast that is symmetrical with the other and that ultimately supports the patient's sense of confidence and emotional wellness. Breast reconstruction can be an involved process, so is one to put into the hands of an experienced, compassionate plastic surgeon. We support our patients with friendly care and thorough information before and during their treatment plan.

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