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The quest for a flat stomach. It’s almost mythical when you think about it. Between the millions of infomercials touting “six-pack abs,” the questionable fat-burning supplements, and the good old-fashioned crunch there’s somewhat of a national obsession with flat stomachs.

But, unless you quit your job and submit yourself to the commands of some sadistic personal trainer, most people just can’t get their stomach area flat. And if you’ve had children, it’s virtually impossible due to the sagging skin and muscles that have been over-stretched for too long.

That’s where a tummy tuck with Dr. Ferraro comes in. A tummy tuck gives patients a flatter, firmer, smoother profile in the abdominal area.

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Would a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) help me?

Tummy tucks, clinically known as abdominoplasty, are really all about skin and muscle in the abdomen. Once over-stretched, this skin and muscle won’t rebound, no matter how much exercise the person does. Plus, our skin loses some of its elasticity as we age. Women and men both can benefit from a tummy tuck. Pregnancy is the most common event that leads to a woman wanting a tummy tuck. In men, loss of a large amount of weight can create the same saggy stomach.

A good candidate should be at a healthy, stable weight because additional weight loss can create more sagging skin. Also, if a woman plans on having additional children, a tummy tuck should be postponed until after that event because the weight gain and loss will negate the results of the tummy tuck.

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With a tummy tuck, there are two options, a full tummy tuck or a mini. Which option is right for you depends on the amount of loose skin and its location. In a full tummy tuck, two incisions are made. The first incision runs from hipbone to hipbone, usually running along the pubic hairline. The goal is to be able to cover the scar with a bathing suit. The second incision is made at the belly button. Once the skin is separated from the underlying muscle, the abdominal muscles are pulled together and stitched into place to make the abdomen firmer and to narrow the waist. Next, the skin is pulled downward, excess skin is trimmed away, and the navel is reattached in a natural position.

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In a mini tummy tuck, only a single incision is made. The location is dependent on where the patient has the loose, sagging skin.

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Since abdominoplasty involves incisions in the abdomen and movement of muscle fiber, recovery is not simple. Dr. Ferraro uses Exparel during tummy tuck procedures to limit pain after surgery. Still, there will be pain and swelling for a few days after surgery. You will have residual soreness for weeks, possibly months. Obviously, any lifting or strenuous activity of any sort will have to wait for six weeks to not stress the newly placed muscle and skin.

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Dr. Ferraro is a wonderful doctor and I am extremely happy with my surgery. He came recommended from professionals in the medical field and I am very pleased with the whole process. He does not hesitate to answer any questions that you may have to make you feel more comfortable about your surgery. Also, the recovery period was much better than I had anticipated because of Dr. Ferraro's expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Ferraro. He is very patient friendly.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

Is there anything special I need to do to prepare for this procedure?

Ideally, it’s wise to maintain a stable weight for 12 months prior to having a tummy tuck. You don’t want to lose significant weight after the procedure, as this will diminish your results, so Dr. Ferraro advises his overweight patients to lose the weight before you have this procedure.

You’ll have to stop smoking and taking certain medications, but those actions apply to all surgeries. Because you won’t be able to lift more than just a few pounds, you should plan on having someone not only drive you home, but stay with you for at least the first night or two of your recovery.

Can I combine a tummy tuck with other procedures?

Tummy tucks can be combined with other procedures with Dr. Ferraro. Often, after a woman has her abdomen tightened after childbirth, she can then feel as if her breasts sag as well. Rather than having a separate procedure for a breast lift, it can be combined with a tummy tuck. Liposuction is often a part of most tummy tuck procedures, but it can be extended to the thighs and buttocks when combined with a tummy tuck. Thigh lifts and butt lifts can extend the contour improvements to these areas, as well.

How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?

The results from your tummy tuck are permanent. After all, excess skin and fat have been removed and your abdominal muscles likely will have been pulled together and stitched into place, narrowing your waist. These are permanent changes, and you’ll love your new contour. As long as you maintain a healthy weight and incorporate exercise into your life, your firmer, slimmer abdomen will endure. Of course, there will still be some slackening of the muscles and tissues in the area, but this will be very minor compared to where you were before the procedure with Dr. Ferraro.

Will a tummy tuck remove my stretch marks?

This is a big “maybe.” If your stretch marks are on skin that is trimmed in the surgery, then they will obviously be addressed, as the skin will be removed. However, if the stretch marks are outside of that trimmed skin they will not change due to this surgery.

What are the risks involved with a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty is major surgery, and the procedure involves the same risks as with most any surgery: reaction to anesthesia, poor healing, continued bleeding, and danger of infection. The procedure with Dr. Ferraro involves very low rates of complication or risk. However, it’s important to remember there will be a major scar involved. Dr. Ferraro places the incision at a height that can be hidden under panties or a bikini bottom. Over time, the scar will fade. There can also be some changes in skin sensation affecting the sensory nerves in the abdominal area. This usually resolves in the months after your procedure.


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