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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. And its numbers increase every year. So, why would any woman opt to have her breasts decreased in size?

Back pain. Nerve damage. Low self-esteem. Headaches and migraines.

Those are just a few of the reasons women seek to have breast reduction surgery. Overly large breasts can be painful physically, but also mentally. Beyond the physical discomfort, overly large breasts can make a woman so self-conscious about her figure that she shuns social interaction.

Breast reduction surgery is formally known as reduction mammoplasty. The surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to reduce the overall size of the breasts and to bring them up to a higher profile. For women with hypermastia, the clinical name for overly large breasts, reduction surgery is the only option to improve their day-to-day lives.

Would a breast reduction be a good procedure for me?

Overly large breasts can be a continual nuisance for the attention they generate, but they can also lead to health problems. These are common health issues that lead to seeking breast reduction surgery:

  • Spine problems
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Tingling hands
  • Balance problems
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches and migraines

Women with hypermastia often avoid sports and most types of exercise becausetheir breasts are a hindrance to participation. They can also affect both social and professional environments.

Dr. Ferraro not only performs breast reduction, but he also combines it with a basic breast lift, bringing the breasts back up to a higher position, while usually repositioning the nipples and areolae.

Reduction surgery

The incisions involved in breast reduction mirror those in a breast lift, since the goals of the two procedures are very similar. Generally, the more tissue and skin that needs to be removed the larger the necessary incision. Also like a breast lift, the nipples and areolae usually are repositioned to a higher location. If desired, the areolae can also be decreased in size.


After surgery, patients will need to wear a support bra to reduce swelling and aid healing. The goal is to keep the stress on the incisions to a minimum. Most patients can return to work in one week, but any strenuous exercise or lifting needs to be curtailed for a month and a half. Future breastfeeding and nipple sensation can both be impacted with reduction surgery.

How Much is a Breast Reduction?

The cost for breast reduction is generally $9,900 but please note that costs can vary. To learn more about the costs of a breast reduction procedure, contact our Paramus, New Jersey practice, where Dr. Ferraro and his expert staff today are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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