What is the otoplasty procedure and who can benefit from it?

Patients who have unusually shaped ears, ears the protrude from the head, or ears that need to be corrected due to birth defects will find that the otoplasty surgery may be right for their needs. At Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey, Dr. Frank Ferraro and his team can provide effective options for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their ears with the otoplasty procedure.

What is otoplasty?

Dr. Frank Ferraro describes otoplasty as a procedure that is performed on the ears. It may be done for various reasons. Sometimes, patients want to correct large ears or protruding ears that make them feel self-conscious. This is done for aesthetic reasons and to help improve one’s self-esteem. Other times, reconstructive surgery to repair the ear or address a birth defect may be performed as well. Any unusual appearance to the ear or ear size can be improved with this procedure, making it a viable option for both children and adults interested in corrective surgery.

How long does the otoplasty procedure take?

The time needed for surgery will vary depending on what is being performed. In most instances, otoplasty procedures will be performed within a few hours to complete the process. It is done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthetics and, if needed, proper sedation to relax the patient during their operation.

What results can be achieved with otoplasty?

It is vital that patients considering ear surgery have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with this procedure. Dr. Frank Ferraro can offer before and after photos of past patient to give patients an idea of what results they can expect. He also pays close attention to incision areas to reduce noticeable scarring and hide the evidence that surgical intervention has occurred.

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Paramus, NJ area patients who are interested in learning more about the benefits of otoplasty at any age are strongly encouraged to speak to the team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey. Our team of providers, including Dr. Frank Ferraro, can help with a variety of concerns. Call (201) 664-8000 to request a consultation visit at 2 Sears Drive, Suite #103.

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