Make Your Botox Results Last!

Botox has given many customers around the world the younger-looking faces that they want. The downside of Botox is that the results do not last a lifetime. Because of this, doctors recommend multiple sessions in order to maintain your refreshed look. In addition, you can do your part to making your Botox last! Here are some tips:

Your skincare products matter. The skincare products you use have a big impact on how your skin looks and feels. This does not change when it comes to your face after Botox. To extend the results of your treatment, it is essential that you keep up an effective skincare regimen and use only quality skincare products. Your dermatologist or skincare professional can help you choose the best products for your skin.

Listen to your doctor’s instructions. Once your Botox treatment has been completed, your doctor will give you with specific instructions to follow after the procedure. This may include not lying down for a few hours following treatment as well as avoiding any activities that may affect your face’s new contour.

Visit your doctor for follow-up treatments. Follow-up Botox sessions can greatly affect your Botox results and how long they last. Since the treatment allows the skin to generate more collagen, touch-up sessions can be a big help.

Give dermal fillers a try. You can receive Botox treatment along with another procedure called dermal fillers. If you are eligible for this combined procedure, just remember to avoid exaggerated muscle movement, as this can sabotage the effectiveness of your fillers. While the Botox solution temporarily paralyzes your muscles in the face, dermal fillers work on eliminating lines and wrinkles.

A lot of people have given Botox a try and enjoyed its amazing results! Call us today to learn more about Botox:

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