Fillers for Sly Upgrades

We will always love fillers. Not only do they require very little downtime after they’re done, they give us the most amazing results. But, even if you’ve had fillers or Botox, we bet there’s at least one way to use them that you haven’t heard of yet. Keep reading to test your knowledge of how fillers can improve your appearance.

Halt Scarring

If you happen to have a cut on your face, either from your cat or a more serious accident, what do you do? An itsy-bitsy amount of filler can be injected around the cut to reduce the skin’s movement while it heals. This can leave you with a less visible scar.

Fix Ears

Stretched earlobes can come from wearing heavy statement earrings or from trends like ear-stretching. And that can lead to all sorts of regrets. Fillers can help tighten those earlobes back up, so you can worry about your ears less and get back to having fun.

Bye, Jowls

For people with a little bit of sagging around the jowl area, injecting a bit of filler along the jawline can help take away that sagginess and widened look. How cool!

Soften The Jaw

A prominent jaw muscle can be created when you grind your teeth either when you’re feeling anxious or when you sleep. A little Botox injected into that masseter muscle can relax your clenching jaw and slim down the look of your face at the same time.

Smile Tweak

Inject a teeny bit of Botox into the area just beneath the nostrils to drop the upper lip. Just a tiny amount can help cover up a smile that shows too much of your gums.

Eyebrow Adjustment

We can use Botox to raise or lower the arch of your brow without messing with your perfect brows. Just a small amount and you can keep your natural emotions showing proudly, with that super cool arched brow.

Call us today at (201) 664-8000 to schedule your Botox or filler consultation today with our skilled physicians. We can discuss your desires and help you formulate a beautifying plan.

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