How Otoplasty Can Help You

Otoplasty is an ear correction surgery typically performed to move prominent ears nearer to the head. It also involves reducing or increasing the size of big or small ears. If ears are extremely small, the earlobes are stretched to increase the size.

This surgery is also done to correct lop ear (where the tip appears to be forward and folded down) or cupped ear (a very small tiny ear), or a shell ear (where the outer rim is curved and natural folds are simply absent). The surgery is usually performed on children aged between four to 14 years. Adults can also undergo surgery and no extreme risks are involved in this operation.

About Otoplasty

  • Prior to surgery: You must keep in mind a few things before signing up for this procedure. It is to be kept in mind that both ears will be operated upon even when only one ear protrudes abnormally. Symmetry between both the ears ears is highly unlikely, and like natural ears, will not perfectly match.

The financial cost of undergoing this surgery is quite high and not all expenses will be covered by private health insurance and Medicare. If the person undergoing the operation is a smoker, then there is a greater risk of complications.

  • Finding a surgeon: It is very important for you to choose a surgeon with adequate experience and training. You should insist on this procedure being done solely by specialists.
  • Medical issues: You must discuss a number of medical issues prior to your operation. This will include the condition of your physical health and your medical history. If you have some pre-existing condition, it may affect decisions concerning this operation, including the kind of anesthetics used. Do tell the concerned doctor about any supplements and preparations you take on a daily basis, like vitamin supplements and oils.

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