Nose Jobs: The Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Teens

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Paramus, NJRhinoplasty (commonly known as a nose job) is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure for teenagers. If your teen wants a nose job, be sure they have a thorough understanding of what the surgery involves and if they are an appropriate candidate. Take the time to address and discuss the following with your teen:

When can teens have rhinoplasty?

Teens should not pursue rhinoplasty until their nose has fully developed to its adult size. For girls, this will happen by age 16, and for boys by age 18.

What are the different types of rhinoplasty available?

Nose jobs can alter the way your face looks or can be done to address specific medical needs. For instance, some may require rhinoplasty to repair a cartilage problem in their nose while others may just want a different shaped nose. A rhinoplasty procedure may involve:

  • Fixing a nose after an injury
  • Reshaping a nose tip or straightening the bridge
  • Smoothing out a hump
  • Resizing the nose to look larger or smaller
  • Enhancing breathing passages

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

All surgeries present a risk. With rhinoplasty, those risks include: nosebleeds, swelling, nerve damage, scarring, numbness, or small blood vessels bursting. Your teen needs to understand that recovery from a nose job requires patience on their end. Their head will need to be raised for 24 hours post surgery. They will also feel some pain and experience swelling. This is normal and part of the healing process. It can take several weeks for the swelling and redness to recede enough for one to see the full results.

Arrange a consultation

Before getting a nose job, a teen needs to meet with their doctor accompanied by their parent or guardian. During this consultation, the doctor will address the expectations your teen has about how their nose will look post-surgery. The doctor will want to ensure that your teen has grounded expectations about the results. If your teen thinks that a nose job will completely change their life or make them popular, they may be too immature to have the procedure. You can contact our office today at (201) 664-8000 to schedule your consultation with your teen. We look forward to addressing your questions.

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