Liposuction: What to Expect?

The number of liposuction being performed around the world is increasing. You might have some knowledge about this procedure, but how much of it is really true? Here are some facts about what happens before, during, and after liposuction that you have to know.

Liposuction Complete information will be given. Normally before a liposuction, a doctor will be there to answer your questions, possibly even months before the procedure. It is important to ask all questions you have in order to make the correct decision on whether or not you want to have a liposuction.

Depending on your surgeon or your anesthesiologist, you will be under either general or local anesthesia. Anesthesia is important so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The difference between the two is that general anesthesia will completely put you to sleep, rendering you unconscious for the entire procedure while your vital signs are continuously monitored. Local anesthesia, on the other hand, can either be taken by mouth or injected around the area that will be operated on.

The fat will be sucked out of you through a tube. This tube is called a ‘cannula’ and is about the size of a thin pencil. It’s through this tube that excess fat and fluids are sucked out of your abdomen and will be shifted around to ensure thorough removal. The total volume of fat and fluids will be collected in a flask and monitored carefully by the doctor. That being said, expect to receive intravenous fluids after the procedure, especially if the doc-tor feels like the fluids in your body need to be replaced.

Expect a bit of leakage. After surgery, it’s normal to experience a bit of leak-age or drainage from the site. Just keep in mind to keep your wound clean, and continuously check that the incision isn’t infected. If the wound continues to leak more than usual, the doctor may insert a drainage tube.

You will have small scars. The scars for this procedure are minimal, so don’t worry. They will appear to be white once they are fully healed, as the en-trance for the cannula is small.Your doctor will definitely answer any other concerns that you may have about liposuction. Call us to schedule an appointment and learn more about liposuction.

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