Breast Reduction

What is the goal of breast reduction?

By Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey
November 15, 2020

Women who are dealing with large breasts understand how much they can impact their day-to-day lives. In addition, men who have excess breast tissue, known as gynecomastia, may also be seeking a solution. Both men and women interested in breast reduction can contact Dr. Frank Ferraro and his team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of New ... read more

Why Women Might Consider Breast Reduction

By Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey
November 15, 2019

While most women are familiar with breast augmentation procedures to add implants and lift the breasts, breast reduction is often overlooked. Large breasts can have advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, for women who have naturally developed large breasts, this can be a burden in many ways. With breast reduction surgery, many women can find relief and ... read more

Breast Reduction Surgery FAQs

By Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey
June 5, 2018

Many women are finding that large breasts impact their lives in a negative way. Whether they suffer from neck, back, or shoulder pain, or they find themselves unable to perform the physical activities they would like to do, large breasts can truly inhibit a woman’s ability to live the life she wants. If you are ... read more