Which Fillers Last The Longest?

dermal fillers Paramus, NJFirst time users of dermal fillers aren’t all the same. Some people are confident and come in, sit down, and let us do all the heavy lifting. Other people are complete opposite! Some patients come in with a million questions about every aspect of dermal fillers that they give us a good refresh on everything we know.

The Filler You Choose

Many filler brands utilize Hyaluronic acid as their active ingredient, and how long they last under your skin will depend on which you choose. Hyaluronic acid fillers give volume to cheeks and lips, and they’re also a perfect option to help hide smile lines and other deep-set wrinkles in the face. You can expect your results to last from six to twenty four months with these fillers.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite increases collagen production in the skin, lifting and plumping the skin so the surface is more smooth. This filler is often used to increase volume and lift the cheeks.  It can even be used to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds. This filler can last from twelve to eighteen months.

The Provider

Even more complicated, the provider you go to can affect how long your fillers last, whether they’re located in the face or another part of the body. If they aren’t very careful, or unfamiliar with newfillers, they may place the fillers incorrectly, leading to subpar results and quicker loss of the filler. We recommend doing your research, finding a provider you trust, and sticking with the same provider who can get to know you and your preferences.

How often will I need to come back?

In short, a few things will affect your fillers, like what kind you choose to get and where you have them injected. We can help you determine how often to come back for your appointments.

If you want to learn more about fillers and how they can help restore lost volume, we can help. You can have a more youthful look with the help of fillers. Give us a call at (201) 664-8000 to schedule your consultation today.

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