Breast Augmentation, Paramus, Bergen County, NJ

By editor
February 16, 2017

At Plastic Surgery Specialists of NJ Dr. Frank J. Ferraro, MD has seen patients who have asked for a breast augmentation. Most patients are asking for a silicone breast implant placed beneath the muscle via a crease incision. This is the standard approach to complete a breast augmentation. The results are consistently great and can be done at our surgical center in less than an hour. The SRF highly cohesive gummy bear silicone breast implants have a natural result and are very safe. I prefer the smooth wall high profile breast implants and the patients are very happy with the look and feel. Call today at 2016648000 or visit for pictures video and further information.

Plastic Surgery Specialists of NJ, 2 Sears Drive, Suite 103, Paramus, Bergen County NJ 07652

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