Do People Ask You If You’re Tired…a Lot?

While gravity is great for keeping us from flying off into space, it stinks for our facial skin and muscles. Every second of every day gravity is pulling our tissues downward. Couple gravity with the stresses of everyday life and the natural processes of aging and the results are sagging skin and muscles that have lost much of their former tautness.

While these issues show up all over your face, on your forehead sagging skin, lines, and drooping brows can present a different impression to the outside world than you’re actually feeling inside. Aging brows can make people think you’re perpetually tired, sad, even angry.

But a brow lift from Dr. Ferraro can put an end to these false impressions, giving your upper face a more youthful appearance.

Since brow lifts target the upper third of the face, the procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelifts (which target the middle and lower face) to rejuvenate the entire face.

Four different brow lifts from Dr. Ferraro

Dr. Ferraro performs brow lifts with four techniques: endoscopic, termporal, anterior hairline, or coronal. During your consultation, the two of you will discuss which procedure will best suit your needs.

  • Endoscopic brow lift — In this method, Dr. Ferraro makes from three to five short incisions, each less than one inch, behind the hairline. He then inserts an endoscope into one of the incisions. The endoscope enables him to see beneath the skin without making the long incision of the traditional method. Through the other incisions he then lifts the skin, removes tissue, and adjust muscles as needed. Frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead and brows can be treated with this method, but it has a limited range of effectiveness if you have more severe aging.
  • Temporal brow lift — This method uses two diamond-shaped excisions placed at the hairline on either side of the forehead. The skin between the excision and the brow is carefully lifted and the extra skin is cut away.
  • Anterior hairline brow lift — This method involves an incision placed along the entire hairline of the forehead. The skin is raised as in a facelift and the extra skin is removed.
  • Coronal brow lift — This is also called the traditional brow lift. The incision begins just above the ear and follows the hairline up around the forehead ending on the other side. The skin from the incision to the brow if lifted and pulled backward. Extra skin is cut away.

If you’re tired of being asked if you’re tired, call us at the Plastic Surgery Specialists of New Jersey, (201) 664-8000, and let’s talk about a brow lift.

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