Breast Augmentation

By drferraro
March 17, 2009

The breast augmentation surgery can enhance the shape desirable to many patients. Many come to the office with a size that they want to obtain already in their mind. The problem is that some patients are too conservastive.

Size remains one the biggest challenges when it comes to breast augmentation. Patients are somewhat fearful of being too large, so they choose an implant size that is too small. This manifests itself years later when they want a second surgery to go bigger. I hear often that "Dr. Ferraro, I love the breast augmentation, but I wish I went a little larger."

I therfore tell my patients to choose an implant for their breast augmentation that is slightly larger than they would otherwise pick. The reason for this is the implant appears larger outside the body than the ultimate result when the breast augmentation surgery is completed and the final result is achieved.

If a patient starts with a B cup and wants a C cup, depending on frame, the patient may choose a 300cc moderate profile implant. I would suggest something larger like a 350cc moderate profile silicone implant to complete the breast augmentation. This would allow the patient to reach their goals.

Of all aspects of breast augmentation surgery the size of the implant is one where the patient gives this issue a lot of thought and rightfully so. I would encourage you to visit our website and look closely at the pictures and stats to see which patient matches your height and weight. Also look where they started and what they achieved with which implant.

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