Skin after lipo

By drferraro
May 8, 2009

Hi..Just wondering what you thought on this topic.  I have a neighbor that had some lipo of her tummy and waist.  She is very small, in her 30's but a little round after 2 kids.  She went to a Dr. that advertised the new heated lipo.  Not only was it to remove the excess fat but the skin was also heated and should have shrunk to her new size.  It is now many months after the surgery, her tummy and waist are smaller but the skin is too saggy and wrinkled.  I guess heating the skin didn't work.  She now has to have the skin removed.  I'm writing about this because she initially went to this Dr. and had this procedure thinking it may save her some money and recoverery time over a normal tummy tuck.  It certainly did not.

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9 responses to “Skin after lipo”

  1. Dr. Ferraro says:

    The newest technology may not be the best way to proceed. Smart lipo and laser liposuction can be effective in smaller areas but may not be the right choice for the larger areas like the abdomen. I suggest tumescent liposuction for my patients, particularly in this area.

    When it comes to liposuction, it takes real expertise not the latest gadget. She clearly now needs an abdominoplasty.

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